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Dear Customer:

Hello! After a month of smooth transition, WFD has completely taken over the WST business. The original WST backend is currently unable to log in. If you have any unprocessed business, please add our WFD official SKYPE customer service number: service_19488 contact processing, WFD will be happy to handle it for you. Related back-office business, thank you for your trust and support.


MT5 Trading Platform

  • Execution
  • No re-quotes, no order reject
  • Competitive pricing
  • VPS-or download to PC/Mac
  • Web Trading
  • iPhone & Android Mobile Trading
MT5 Platform

Perfect Combination of STP Mode and MT5


  • First forex broker in China who guarantees the members’ funds
  • Trading Process Transparency
  • Protect your funds comprehensively
Safety Regulation

First class funds protection mode

Qualified Services

  • Deposit T+0 and Withdraw T+1
  • Provide 100-hour customer service per week
  • Interactive analysis provides best customer service experience
  • Powerful third-party tools bring more quality services
Quality Services

Intellectual multilateral trading

Perspective Future

  • Deep research in Forex market
  • Review of Finance market changes globally
  • Work together with you towards good fortune
Perspective Future

Redefine the era of financial derivatives products

Leading Forex Broker

  • WST-World's leading forex broker
  • In WST, you can experience ultra high speed Forex trading execution, interbank level RAW ECN spreads. Here you can enjoy a financial institution-level forex trading environment.
  • In WST, all the advantages of forex trading are in your hands.


Share investment experiences, solve all your doubts
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Business Terms

Effective Business Terms clarifies the liabilities and responsibilities
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Business Terms


Risk Warning

Professional analysis team will remind you of your wrong investment in the first time
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Risk Warning


Payment Method

Third Party Payment System can provide multilateral safety management and segregation of customer funds.
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Payment Method


Privacy Policy

ISO information security certification, protect clients privacy comprehensively
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Privacy Policy

Fund Guarantee

  • Investors Accounts Safety Assurance Program (referred to IASAP)
  • The IASAP adopts the precautionary measures and uses lawful, effective and compliant methods to set up an investor Account Fund security Preservation Fund for the foreseeable problems of the trading platform to protect the investor’s safety.
  • The ultimate goal of IASAP is to protect investors from the loss of investment caused by the vicious or passive bankruptcy of securities firms, and to enhance investors ' confidence in the trading market.

Trading Platform

  • ubs
  • bnp
  • nomura
  • barclays
  • bankofamerica
  • citi
  • commerzbank
  • creditsuisse
  • deutschebank
  • goldmansachs
  • jpmorganchase
  • macquarie
  • morganstanley