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Choose us, 99.8% of the trading orders can be completed in a few seconds, the average execution speed is 0.06 seconds. Let you see the market direction anytime and anywhere and grasp the chance of success. We use the most recent online trading platform in the field of foreign exchange -- MT5, WST MT5 not only combines the many characteristics of traditional MT5, but also introduces the ECN-STP direct through trading mode, which brings new trading experience for users from trading, and has more than 80 technical indicators and analytical tools to provide customers with stock and options as many as dozens of financial investment products in real time And transaction functions to make transactions more efficient, safe and transparent. Using CRM customer management system, the first time to understand customer dynamics, master customer data, improve service efficiency, get complete customer view at any time, further standardize and simplify business process, support in-depth analysis and view of customer reports, while retaining existing customers, concentrate on winning new customers.

Trading Platform

  • ubs
  • bnp
  • nomura
  • barclays
  • bankofamerica
  • citi
  • commerzbank
  • creditsuisse
  • deutschebank
  • goldmansachs
  • jpmorganchase
  • macquarie
  • morganstanley