Risk Warning

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Risk Warning

1. Foreign Exchange and Contracts for Difference with WALLSTREND HOLDING GROUP CO.,LTD(hereafter referred as “WST”) are both margin traded products. Therefore they inherently carry a high level of risk compared to other investments, and as such you could rapidly lose more than your initial deposit. They are all legally enforceable under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.

WALLSTREND HOLDING GROUP CO.,LTD(以下简称“WST”)提供的外汇和差价合约都是属于保证金交易。所以相对于其他的投资方式,该产品具有高风险并且可能会导致您的损失超过您的初始投资金额。所有条款均依据《2000年金融服务和市场法》实施执行。

2.Margined trades are trades on the price movement of a product. They settle based on the difference between the opening price and the closing price of the trade.


3.You should not trade any margined product unless you fully understand all the risks involved with doing so and that you have sufficient resources available to you that in the event, however unlikely you may deem it to be, that there is an adverse movement in the price of that product that you can meet the financial obligations required by you with respect to margin payments and losses.


4.Margin trading is leveraged trading that allows“gearing” which means th at you can place a large trade by only putting up a small amount of money as margin. If the price moves in your favour you can greatly increase your profits. However even a small movement in price against you can lead to substantial losses and you may be required to deposit additional margin with us immediately to keep these trades open. You are liable for this and for any losses that may occur if your positions are closed. The potential losses, or profits, for margin traded products are, or could be, unlimited and this should always be considered by you when making trading decisions.


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